The grocery list itself depends on your personal taste and allergies. So we would like to share some general but valuable tips:

  • You should consider buying at least 1.5 litres of water per person a day. It's worth remembering that 1.5-litre bottles (instead of 5-litre bottles) are much more convenient in use.
  • Don't take perishable food with you or eat it within 24 hours after you bought it. Fruits, vegetables, fresh bread and milk are better to buy in berth.
  • It is worth bearing in mind that having a fridge doesn't guarantee a freezer.
  • For safety reasons, avoid glass containers and use Ziplocs instead.
  • Apples, bananas, dried fruit and nuts quickly satisfy hunger and don't require any additional processing. You can buy them in any quantity.
  • Consider that you can have breakfasts and dinners on the shore, in local cafes and restaurants. So there is no need to buy too much food.
  • Most importantly, plan your water supply according to the itinerary - suffering from thirst at an unplanned anchorage is obviously not what you want.